Friday, March 2, 2012

Lessons in Public Relations, Week Eight

1. When work doesn't seem like work, it's a good day.

This week was pretty cool. I got a lot of work done, but we also goofed off a lot Friday-- the entire office.

A had us play 'Name That Tune' with '80s dance movie soundtracks that no one really knew and then had us watch clips of Saturday Night Fever and a few other movies since we are so deprived. *laughs* And a few early music videos from the early '80s with breakdancers. Twas really funny.

M really is having a good effect on our office dynamics and everything. It's not so much that she's doing anything extra or her personality is just THAT awesome {though she is pretty cool-- she's very sweet}, but it's just easier to be in the office when there's another person on C's level and working for A. Work gets spread out more, people are a little more talkative... I don't know. It's nice.

2. The more you do this job, get to know your clients, and understand how to do your work, the easier and more fun the job gets. Notice I didn't say less stressful.

PR is by its very nature really hard on the nerves. There are constantly things that need doing and they all need doing at the same time. Since we have more than one client, we're constantly multi-tasking to take care of all of them. The media people you have to deal with aren't always the happiest to hear from you.

But I've noticed over the last few weeks that because I've been getting used to the work and the pace and what I need to do and when, work has been more fun to go to and I've been more productive. It also helps when you communicate more with your co-workers/boss since you'll know more about what you're doing and how to do it and what you should do after the thing you're working on.

These last few weeks were nice.

3. It's 'pending' unless the media person on the other end of the phone/email specifically says, "Yes, we love it and we're running it in Friday's issue" or "It's great; look for it in the March edition of our magazine" or "Fantastic, it'll be in this specific episode of this specific show". Anything else is 'pending', not 'confirmed'.

Just because you talked to someone on the other end of the phone doesn't mean you're done. If you need to send them a sample of the product or email them with more information, then it's still pending and requires more work/phonecalls/emails/effort.

So go do that.

4. Practice those phone answering skills when everyone's out to lunch. It works.

I was alone in the office for about 15 minutes Friday. As soon as N had walked out the door to go get Starbucks, I wrote down how I was supposed to answer the phone and ran through it a couple of times. Good thing, too, because the darn thing ran three seconds after I finished practicing a bit. Scared the living daylights out of me.

I did it though! *yes!* Answered the phone without sounding like an idiot! Although the woman on the other end didn't end up leaving a message for me to take down-- said she'd call back later since A wasn't in the office. *sigh*

Maybe next time I'll get to answer the phone for an actual phone call!

5. Sometimes buses are late and sometimes bus drivers are really grumpy.

You just gotta deal. Have patience and some sense of self-preservation. You'll survive.


Twas a good week. I enjoyed it.

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