Saturday, February 25, 2012

You Know You Look Too Comfortable When...

You know you look at home and in charge when people start asking you where things are in someone else's kitchen.

Last night, we had Freshman-Junior Dessert Night and I got to be in charge of food. Personally, I love being involved with behind-the-scenes stuff and making sure everything goes off without a major catastrophe, so this was super fun in my eyes.

But it was hilarious how people in our class started asking me where the {real} utensils {as opposed to plastic ones} were and where they could get plates to put their baked goods on and all this other stuff related to things in the apartment when the event wasn't even held in my apartment.

It was held in a guys' apartment.

And seeing as how I am quite significant-other-less, I don't know where they would have gotten the impression that I'd spent enough time there to know all this.

*laughs* I suppose whatever impression they did have wasn't lessened by the fact that I was actually able to get them what they needed and on the first try.

In my defense, the guys seemed to have organized their kitchen logically {so when I made educated guesses, I was usually right}, PLUS their apartment was my small group leader's apartment when I was a freshman/sophomore. And they didn't change things around too much.

I do love that rushed excitement that comes with planning and pulling off an event. Some people's job at Dessert Night was to talk to the freshies, others spent the night refilling trays and cleaning up messes. Both are equally important and I think our efforts paid off. Good job, guys! I think you all are wonderful. <3

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