Thursday, March 1, 2012

Adventuring: Long Beach Aquarium Day Trip, Pt 2


Steph tried to commune with the otters. No dice.


They so pop-u-laaar.


While we were there, they fed the feeshies. It was kinda scary. 45 seconds tops, the food was gone...

Ew. That's kind of gross.


Most of my friends are science-y. They got a kick out of this. That's a giant stuffed otter plushie.



Look at that lazy bum.

Teal canopy. Gorgeous color.

Petting the stingrays and guitarfish. I like when people smile for the camera. *eee*


Dude. That's the parking lot... Impressive.

It was a good day.

Let's do it again soon, guys! :)


That's all for our Presidents' Day adventures. Or at least of what I took pictures of-- again I shall reiterate, twas a good day.

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