Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventuring: Sunday Sunshine

They said no Facebook. Not no sharing the joy. This is basically their relationship in a nutshell. I love these girls.

Eevee, Steph, & Char.

Me with awkward hair & the ickle girlikins. Eevee & Steph said I was being prommy. As in, promiscuous-- I didn't have on a cardigan/cover-up! *gasp* Oh, GOC rules. *laughs and shakes head*

The lunch at Ami Sushi in Westwood.

The aftermath of lunch. Mmm.

{I felt rather funny taking a picture of an empty plate. But it makes me laugh, so we're all good}.

For Debrr, Cindy, Steben, and Mickeyla. Is it bad that I can't even name most of these guys? *hangs head* On the other hand, doesn't Mickeyla make an excellent model? *hee*

I don't play, but I can appreciate specific-audience-targeted consumer products.

These I can get behind. So bad for you, but so good for your taste buds.

Some of the other offerings from the candy store a few shops down from Ami's.

The Broxton Parking Structure. I love the ironwork and the shadows they cast on an 85 degree winter day in Los Angeles.

Steph, Mickeyla, & I went for dessert with a few freshie girls later that night.

One of Yogurtland's special flavors of the month. Mickeyla says she tastes mostly caramel. I could definitely taste the 'java'. It's like a slightly healthier, slightly more coffee-flavored coffee ice cream.

Really good. Although tart flavors are always my favorite. The mint and the lemon are the faint afternotes.

Since I'm dependent on others for my grocery-shopping schedule, I thought I'd buy something at Gushi's to tide me over until a friend goes to Ralph's. Unfortunately, my stopping at Gushi's had the icky side-effect of Creepy/Drunk-Guy-Hitting-On-Our-Little-Freshie-Girls-While-They-Waited-For-Me. *dislike* He was persistent, too. Steph and Mickeyla finally decided to have Mickeyla walk with the freshies to Peet's Coffee across the street to get away from him while Steph came to stand in line with me. Downside: Mr. Creeper followed them for a bit, so M & the freshies had to keep walking past Peet's to Whole Foods. Upside: M had a guy classmate who happened to also be at Gushi's who put himself in between the creepy guy and our freshies so that they had time to walk away. I don't know who that classmate is, but we were super appreciative. Ultimate chivalry right there.


This past Sunday {March 4th} was fun. Crazy summer weather meant sleeveless dresses for church and froyo at night.

Friends made it better-- an invite from Apt 213 for an after-church lunch date and past classmates who watch out for you when creeper guys hit on your friends. *laughs* Seriously, whoever that guy was-- bonus points for you, sir.
You're awesome.

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