Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Break Quotes: Mi Madre

Mom cooking dinner.

Me: Whatcha cookin'?

Mom: A variation of pork and beans.

Me: *confused* *looks into pan* Edamame?

Mom: It's a bean!

Me: It's a soybean!

She's right though. It is a bean.


Mom talking about facebook.

Mom: For the amount that we pay for tuition every year, the least you could do is add 'UCLA' under your name!

Me: Mom! I'm not going to add that just so you don't have to keep telling your friends where your kid goes to school every time they ask. That's sad.

Apparently, all my mom wants out of four years of college is an info update on facebook. If only all parents were that easily pleased... *grins*

{We were kidding, just fyi. I'm pretty sure she hopes I'll get a job, too. *laughs*}

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