Monday, October 3, 2011

There's a Pufferfish in My Esophagus

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This morning I woke up and tried to swallow.


My esophagus felt like I had swallowed a pufferfish and, upon movement, the darn fish had inflated and wouldn't let me breathe.

So I tried to put on my glasses.


I was so warm that the temperature of my face fogged up the lenses. {lensi? lensies? what the heck...}

Today was not going to be a good day.

I contemplated getting up and showering and getting ready for class anyways, but just couldn't get myself up and off my bed.


Then I realized that unless I wanted to spend the entire week sick as anything, but still having to make my way to class in spite of that, today was the only day I could stay home and sleep/stock up on liquids without some major loss of grade points {Psych 100B lab is a killer, I tell you}.

So, I texted a friend in Comm 100 and she's going to send me her notes.

I texted my boss at DBM and he didn't respond.

That should've tipped me off that I should have gotten my fevered head out of bed and turned on my computer to write him a quick email letting him know I wouldn't be in today.

But I was feeling to awful to move.

I texted Emma & Shellie {yes, they were sleeping not ten feet away from me} that I wasn't going to class today, so if they wouldn't try to wake me up to get ready for school, I'd super appreciate it.

Felt bad that I woke up Shellie... Sorry, Shellie!

Then I went back to sleep.

A few hours later, I'm awake, out of bed, bundled up in layers, roasting like anything, putting together lunch, and checking my email.

I had hoped to get to them before they got to me.

No such luck. I had a disgruntled email in my work email inbox about not being there today.


Wrote two very apologetic emails to the people in charge.

Still felt yucky from the thought of getting in trouble {what can I say? goodie-two-shoes? *shrugs*}.

Ate lunch and stared at homework.

Realized that if I wanted to take a shower before Shellie got back from class, I needed to go do that now instead of blogging.

Justify my sitting here with my soup with the fact that I have two more emails I need to write before I shut off my computer.

Feel a sense of dread wash over me when remember that the Methods section for Psych 100B is due tomorrow and I haven't started that yet.


Stops writing and goes to check things off the to-do list.

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