Monday, October 3, 2011

Apt 216, No. 6: Chicken & Apt 213 Shenanigans

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{ninja salt & pepper shakers}
Emma cutting up her roast chicken from Costco, after having let it sit in the fridge for about a week.

Emma: How do you know when the chicken's gone bad?

Shellie & I: Uhh... *shrug* It tastes funny & smells strange?

Emma: Oh. Well, I don't think it smells funny. Would you guys eat this?

Me: No.

Shellie: I had a chicken from Ralph's in the fridge for a while and it was fine, though a bit dry.

Emma: Oh, this chicken doesn't taste dry. It's...

Shellie: Moist?

Emma: Squishy.


Mickeyla lying on the floor and staring at her physics homework forlornly.

Mickeyla: This is why I'm not a ninja.

{Or at least, that's what I heard her say. She actually said "This is why I'm not an engineer." Whoops.}


Mickeyla leaning on Steph while they're sitting on the couch.

Mickeyla: NO, my stomache does NOT need massaging!


Mickeyla's text to me after I left their apartment around 1:30 am to walk back across the street to my apartment.

Mickeyla: Were you ravished by rabid raccoons? Harrassed by hyper humans? Or creamer-chugging collegiates? Confronted by caffeinated coolkids?

Steben {via facebook}: Accosted by aggravated academics?

These kids.


By the way.

Did you know...

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{how cute}

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