Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Eight Hours of Meetings Day

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Day in the life of a college student:

Wake up due to early morning text message.

Don't respond because fall back asleep.

Wake up to roomie's alarm clock & own alarm clock going off simultaneously. Drat. We're going to have to share the bathroom/sink/closet area.

Get ready, speed style.

Check email while making green tea because woke up with a sore throat.

Dash off to Ackerman for a Daily Bruin Marketing {DBM} meeting that goes from 11 am until 5 pm. That's six hours of sitting in one room listening to one person. Good grief.

Come back to apartment and eat dinner.

Clean toilet & do a bunch of other cleaning things.

Try to do some homework, but realize nail polish is coming off.

Right in the midst of getting out nail polish remover & opening windows, roommate has friend stop by for dinner. There had been no warning. Awkward moment.

Decide to leave early for Undergraduate Communication Association {UCA} meeting since there's now a dinner going on in the apartment that makes one feel uninvited and strange.

Get to meeting twenty minutes early and realize could have left five minutes before the meeting was to start. The apartment wasn't that far away.

Sit outside the building for fifteen minutes.

Go upstairs and ring doorbell on time.

Spend some bonding time with UCA president's roommates because she's not there. And neither was anyone else.

Everyone arrives and the two hour meeting goes very well. Thinks to self that this is going to be a good year.

Walk back to apartment, open the door, and "Sam, would you take out the garbage?"


Roommates are putting together bunk bed that has been sitting in our living room for three weeks. Feels slightly disgrunted over the fact that I have been telling them for ages to get that done so that I can help {before I get super busy} because putting together furniture isn't their forte. Plus the fact that they're using the bunkbed as an excuse to not take out the garbage. Alrighty then.

Takes out garbage and returns to Disney music blasting from roomie's computer.

Realize no studying is going to be done here tonight.

Text Mickeyla and ask if can go over there to study.

Answer is affirmative.

Pack up and walk over.

Write blog post.


Apologies for feeling/sounding grumpy.

Today, in and of itself, wasn't that awful.

I've just got a ton of reading to do, an apartment that needs vaccuuming badly, roommates I never see, eight hours of meetings, and a sore throat.

Not the greatest week in existence.

Then again, could be worse. I could be full blown sick.


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