Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Little Things in Life, No. 14: Speedsters, Scarves & Interviews

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{I'm pretty sure this is what happened about 4 years ago}
... walking home from class and being passed up by a super-speedy, little bike expert. He was about four years old, I think, and he'd already gotten rid of his training wheels and everything! The kid was good. Mr. Speedster wove in and out of clumps of students like a pro.

Props to him and his daddy, who was already training Mr. Speedster's little sibling for a life on two-wheels by having the kidlet tucked into a bike-seat {those car-seat lookin' things} on the front of his grown-up bike.

Consider me impressed.

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{breathe in...}
... inhaling deeply the strong scent of kettle corn as I walk back from a long day of class.

I'm a fan of the smell, not the taste.

Because kettle corn is just gross.


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{reading in bed is love}
 ... realizing I could go to bed super early if I wanted to today. The roomies are going out {read, clubbing with ACA} & I don't have any major homework due & I highly doubt anyone's willing to go with me to Ralph's for no particular reason besides the fact that I want to see if butter's on sale so I can buy some and bake things with it, sooooooo...

SLEEP! My old friend! How I've missed you so!


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{hello panda!}
... wearing a scarf today.

Because I'm cool like that.

No, literally. It's cold down here. LA is getting colder and rainier earlier every year. It's only second week, for crying out loud. Why have I already broken out my rain shoesies & a scarf?!?

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{step into my office. ha.}
... being done with interviews for the entire quarter! Yes! I was super excited to be interviewing applicants for the DBM internship because it meant that I was growing up! Getting older! Not necessarily always the applicant anymore! I've moved onto bigger and better things, like being the one asking the questions! So many exclamation marks!

But really, that's how excited I was about the whole thing.

Let me just say that now, after interviewing I forget how many people {I'd check, but that'd require logging out of this account & logging into my work email & then logging back into this account and that's just too much work}, I can safely say that I'm not as enthused about the entire process.

Although interviewing's still more fun than just sitting there & staring at a computer for ages. So I guess I'll miss that aspect of it.

It's just a little draining to have to ask virtually the same set of questions over and over and over again. And hear the same responses over and over and over again. I mean, this is UCLA. Everyone's a leader. Everyone's assertive. Everyone's super smart. {These are things that I've read/inferred over and over again as I went over written applications. Duuude, these people are smart. If I were applying now, I don't think I'd make it in. No lie.}

We're all going to sit down tomorrow and make a decision to see who still has a chance of becoming. America's. Next. Top. Model.


Just kidding.

They are up for the title of Best Intern Ever though, so dramadrama time manana, no?

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