Thursday, October 6, 2011

Clubbing Prep

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{between the two of them, they have so much stuff. and they never use it. so confused}
All is quiet.

You just missed half an hour of two girlies dashing about the apartment, trying to eat dinner, shower, blowdry their hair, do their makeup, change, and in general just get ready to go clubbing in a very short amount of time.

This is something that I definitely would not have experienced had I apartmented with Mickeyla this year.

And that'd've been sad. Because tonight was really fun.

I got to be their sole island of calm and reason. I helped find bandaids, fix eye liner {years of theatre come in handy. steady hands with a pointy object near someone else's eye takes talent and practice, you know}, and judge overall readiness. I went through a checklist of what they needed, grabbed phones almost forgotten, and double checked the amount of money they had to bring for the tickets they sold.

They even posed for me an instant before they ran out the door so that I could take their first picture of the night.

It was fun.

The cherry on top would be that I get the apartment to myself and can go to sleep super early if I want to.

I can watch Body of Proof or Castle without headphones.

If I want to bake, I don't have to worry if I make mistakes or have a ton of dishes in the sink because no one is here to judge. Not that my roomies judge anyways. But my brain still worries.

Hmm. The possibilities.

I hope they stay safe tonight and have fun.

Be good, girlies. And you know you can call me if you need anything. Love youuu!


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