Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hot Chocolate on the Beach, Anyone?

As a student with a rather limited budget {self-imposed, I might add, but still}, it's the little things that can get you all the more bothered about rising prices and the economy.

Or rather, the university and the city of Los Angeles and their so-not-cool-ness for raising prices.

Two things I noticed today.

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{it was raining, which is hot chocolate and good book weather, no?}
One, the coffee kiosks, which I personally use for flavored hot chocolate, are now charging 25 cents more for both sizes of beverage. Now we have to go digging for a quarter, instead of having exact change at the ready. Grr.
{The small went from $0.75 to $1.00 & the large from $1.00 to $1.25. It honestly was the best deal on campus and also the best kept secret. Still kinda is. Shhhh}.

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{santa monica, california}
Two, the Big Blue Bus is now charging 50 cents for fares going one way. When we first got here freshmen year, our parents couldn't believe we could get down to the beach for a quarter one way. Then last year, they raised it to 35 cents and all the kids were like, "How do you get 35 cents? What's a dime? What is this?" So I guess they decided to get rid of the confusion of finding those dimes and just upped the prices to 50 cents. Humph.

On a happier note, the bunk bed that arrived over three weeks ago is now decently set up. Emma's still in the living room though. And we've got piles of stuff all over the apartment. But hey, progress! They have a bed!

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