Wednesday, October 12, 2011


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{boys (n). noise with dirt on it}
I met the cutest boy today.

I can just see Steben's ears {eyes?} perking up right now.

No, Steben, nothing's going to happen, I was just making an observation.
{For those of you who don't know, Steben sir really likes to pair me with pretty much every guy I talk to ever. Everever. It's almost like an obsession. *laughs*}


One of the great things about college campuses, I think, is being able to walk around and people-watch.

Not the creepy-stalker kind, but the observing-for-the-sake-of-understanding-people-better kind.

It helps that UCLA is one of those campuses where everyone actually dresses for class. {I'm lookin' at you, UCSB. When I did college tours, y'all were in your pjs, school hoodies, and flip flops. Like you just rolled out of bed. Hmph. Yes, I'm judging. Just a little. At least you made it to class, I guess.}

So that gives you two more reasons to come people-watch at UCLA: cute/unusual outfits & cute/smart boys.

I suppose I'm just assuming about the smart thing, but hey, they did get into UCLA, right?

And besides. The one I met today was the experimenter for the psych experiment I'd signed up for as extra credit for class.

No, he was not twice my age. Definitely an undergrad... oh. It just hit me that fourth-years aren't that much older than us. Wow. How'd we get this old? Where the proctor is your age or one year older? Goodness. This is weird...

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