Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Textbooks, Doors, & Filming Things

{knock knock}
My roommates are buying their textbooks right now.

We're sitting around this kitchen table, computers out and on, muttering to ourselves as the numbers keep going up and up and up...

According to Shellie, her total would be over $700 if she bought her books new.

Good heavens.


We just discovered that you can talk through the front door of our apartment and hold a perfectly understandable conversation.

It went something like this...

{Emma walks out the door to go pay her tuition on campus}


Emma: *uncertain* "Um..."

Me: "Whaa?"

Emma: "Do I just walk straight?" {to get out of our apt building}

Shellie & I: "Yes..."


Emma: "Do I need a key to get out?"

Shellie & I: "Nooo..."

Emma: *cheerful* "Okay, bye!"


{To give her the benefit of the doubt, though, she did just arrive yesterday, she doesn't have a key yet, & it's technically four in the morning in her brain}.


My roomies' ACA is filming at our apartment today around 4pm.


Time to clean the apartment, anyone?

Not that it's super messy to begin with, but it's the little things that make the place look more presentable.

Like taking out the trash.

And straightening the hand towels.

And closing the door to our closet.

You know, the little things! *hee*


{photo originally from here}

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