Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Seven Things

{hello there}
1. Today I met a dog whose head was twice the size of mine. And he was about twenty pounds heavier, too, at 118 lbs. He was large.

2. Today I learned Zoe is afraid/wary of giant goldfish. She looked at them all suspiciously when they swam near her.

3. Today I saw the fog roll into the city and thought of it as the clouds coming down to give us a hug. <3

Then I realized it actually looked kind of creepy, and creeper hugs are never good, so I didn't know what to think after that...

{I can't pull this off, ergo I am not as cool}
 4. Today I got to pretend to be a cool city kid buying boba after school. Except, you know, the fact that all the kiddies who were also at Teaway were high schoolers and infinitely cooler than I am. *le sigh*

{so white}
5. Today I wandered around a restaurant supply shop and enjoyed looking at all the random things that you could buy in there. Going here is high up on the list of 'Places I Could Spend a Bunch of Money In.'

{that's a "what?" expression if you've ever seen one}
6. Today I had my ethnic background called into question. Well, goodness, what do I look like then? Is it the new glasses?

 7. Today I felt my heart break a little as I watched my puppy stare confusedly out my uncle & aunt's window at our car as we drove away. She'll be spending the next week with them as my parents help me move back down to Los Angeles and into the apartment. Here's to hoping she does fine!


Did you know that most bloggers take Labor Day off? I didn't know that until I saw that none of the blogs I read daily posted anything yesterday. Who knew?

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