Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Grand Plan: Fall 2011



You are looking at one of the latest members of UCLA's Communication Studies major!


'Course, now I don't know whether to be excited or terrified because with this latest development comes the loveliness that is four classes a quarter until I graduate six quarters from now.

Dear goodness.

And they're all memorization & writing heavy.


But on the upside...


So for all you curious folks out there, here's my grand plan.

I've gotten as far as the end of this quarter. Whoop.


Because I want to double major with Comm & Psych, my class schedule is as follows for Fall 2011:

Psych 100B: Research Methods in Psychology. It's the last of my pre-reqs for Psych! After this quarter, I can officially declare myself a Comm and Psych major, instead of pre-Psych. Yaay.

Psych 127A: Abnormal Psych. Where you realize just how many disorders you have and get your entire past explained to you.

Psych 135: Social Psych. I'm looking forward to this class. It explains people! I love figuring out people! *oooh*

Comm 100: Communication Theory. Not the most interesting of classes, but I'm taking it because, one, it's required, & two, it was one of the few Comm classes left that had space open this late. Oy.


As for extracurriculars, there's four main things that get the rest of my time that isn't spent on class stuff.

One, my Christian fellowship.

Two, work at the Daily Bruin {editor for marketing}.

Three, the UCA {Undergraduate Communication Association} & the responsibilities that come with being Co-Director of Networking Night.

Four, this blog & hopefully posting almost daily. *fingers crossed*


Here's to hoping I can manage everything and still find time to sleep.

You've heard the one about priorities in college, haven't you?

In college, there are three priorities:

a. Studies

b. Social Life

c. Sleep

Pick two.

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