Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Parental Reassurance


I've been officially on my own in my new apartment for about forty-five minutes now.

Nothing's burned down.

And from this piece of information & this piece only, I'm going to deduce that everything might just work out okay.

Although, there's always the rest of today to worry about.

And the rest of the year.

If I don't post anything after this post, you know that I've done something awful, like put too much soap in the dishwasher & have it overflow or something.

Parentals, if you're reading this {which I don't think you are}, I haven't done that yet.

So stay calm.

Thanks for being so patient with me moving in and helping me set up and making sure I've got every single thing I'll ever need for the entire year and stocking up my pantry/fridge with enough stuff to last me at least a month & a half and being willing to drive six hours here and now six hours back.

Be safe, remember to pick up the dog, and please call me after you see my room.

Because I want to hear that reaction.


Love you & thanks so much.

For everything.

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