Friday, September 9, 2011

It Begins!

{Here are my rambling mini-posts from yesterday... enjoy!}

{& hopefully it's here!}

As previously expected, I got about an hour and a half of sleep last night… or rather, I would have, had my alarm clock gone off when it was supposed to. Instead, I woke up twenty minutes before we were set to leave the house. *minipanic* I shot out of bed and was actually ready by the predetermined time of departure! Yay, me!
And my parents don’t know this yet, but the reason I only slept about two hours was because…
Yes, a miracle has happened, ladies & gentlemen. You can see the floor.
It’s going to be a surprise for when they get home. They’ll be all “WHO ROBBED US?!?” when really it was just meeee. *muahahahaha*
Our air conditioning broke on the way down to LA. I just about died. It was definitely a good thing that Zoe wasn’t with us for this trip. She would have been roasting the entire six hours in the back of the van.
Oh, let me tell you how she’s doing at my uncle & aunt’s house! I get the feeling that she’s going to like the next week after she gets used to their schedule. Uncle K is an early bird, which means he’s up at 5 am, asleep by 9 or 10-ish. Zoe’s used to us going to sleep around 2 am & getting up late, so her internal clock is all confused.
The first day, Uncle K went downstairs at 5:30 am & she’s was wide awake waiting for him {course, that’s because anytime she hears someone moving around, she’s alert & ready for them}. They go out for a walk at 6 am & around 11 am, they go to the park to run for half an hour {her, not him}. After they came home from that, Zoe knocked out and was dead to the world for a good while. She’s accustomed to us waking up at 11 am, not having been up and about for five hours before that.
I think she’s going to like all the outings once she gets used to it.
Did you know that if the scenery around you looks the same for ever and ever and ever, the miles seem to slooowly crawl past, even if you’re going faster than you normally would on a freeway {on Highway 5, going down to SoCal, the average speed is about 75 mph}?
I noticed that today.
It was slow going. Especially since we couldn’t find any good radio stations. And then when we did find something we liked, we went out of range after a song or two.
There are a lot of cows along the way to SoCal.
And trees.
Lots of those, too.
We got to LA around 2 pm-ish and after dropping off all my stuff at the apartment {eee, it’s really happening!}, we dashed {or rather, we went as fast as you possibly can when factoring in LA traffic around 5 o’clock} off to Costco to buy a mattress for my loft bed.
You know you need more driving practice when you can wield & park a shopping cart better than you can manage your car.
Just sayin’.
On a slightly related note, I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much at Costco in one go. It was quite disconcerting… My inner financier cringes.
List of things we need to get tomorrow/sometime in the next week:
Dish rack.
Ice tray.
Mattress pad/sheet-thing.
Utensil drawer organizer.
The rest of the miscellaneous groceries that aren’t worth buying mega-sized at Costco.
Monopoly Deal. {Because we aren’t going to have Internet for the entire week, so my parents & I need something to do, else we’ll murder each other}.
Workbook for class from Ackerman. {Update on this: it’s not printed yet, so we have to wait until Zero Week to go buy it. And here I was hoping that I’d beat the rush. Nope. Still gotta fight the freshies who don't know any better & didn't read this post. Drat}.


So. Those were my thoughts from yesterday.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that we've got new phones!

As of this afternoon, I now have a semi-touch screen phone that is going to be the bane of my existence. Rawr to mistyping things because the screen is too sensitive. Rawr to accidentally doing things/calling people because my phone's knocking around in my backpack. Rawr to being afraid that I'll mess up the screen by pressing on something too hard. Rawr to the loss of color since it's not bright green, but dark grey.

But yay to the fact that all the buttons work & it's shiny.

That's an upside.

Okies, I think I have to go soon. The game is finished & we WON! Yeahhh, UCLA. <3

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