Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Forewarnings, Reminders, & Explanations

Be ready for a bucketload of posts within the next few days!

We just got Internet yesterday morning and since I didn't want to spend the last few hours with my parents sitting in front of a computer, I am going to spend the next couple of days before Welcome Week & school starts posting about all the things I tried to write down over the last week about apartmenting and college life.

I'm going to try and keep this as real as it is to me.

And someone remind me to take more pictures!

Ever since the eighth grade trip to Grand Canyon with the rest of my class where I noticed once I got back that I only had pictures of rocks & water & plants & clouds and none of/with my friends, I've made it a point to take pictures of people more than things.

Now I've kind of got the opposite problem.

When there's no people, I don't take pictures!

So just for you, I snapped some shots of our apartment in progress.

Sort of. I didn't take pictures while I was moving in, which I probably should have, but it was such a mess and things were everywhere and I thought that'd look rather intimidating/super scary.

I suppose I should take pictures even of that next time.


Aiight, I need a nap, because I've been awake for ages since my parentals wanted to get back up to San Francisco by four/five o'clock-ish to pick up Zoe, which means they had to leave by 8:30 am and we all had to wake up earlier than that to get all their stuff packed and clean up a bit.

So my apologies if the sentences are a bit ramble-y & off. I'm trying to make sense, but my brain is elsewhere at the moment.

Specifically, asleep on my non-existent pillow.

I'll explain that some other day.

Gnight all & I'll be back in a bit!

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