Friday, September 9, 2011

Are You Feeling the Connection Now?

{I still went to sleep late yesterday...}
 It feels so funny to be able to access the Internet.

I tell you, two full days of no Internet access really does make a difference when you're used to being connected anytime, anywhere, every day.

And just think! There's going to be four. more. days. of this.

Because our apartment isn't getting our Internet installed until Tuesday.

Good grief, how will I survive?

Shellie & Emma, lucky butts that they are, aren't moving in until after all this goes down.

They know better.

They were smart.



So yes, I've written mini posts/one really long, rambling post out on a WordDoc so that I'd remember things for you guys, and I may post it right after this one since I'm somewhere that has wireless {the itty-bitty table in the back of Tsunami in Ackerman Union}.

Daddy's listening to the UCLA vs USC women's volleyball game, so I'm just sittin' here, waitin' for it to finish. I needed to come since he needs my log-in info to be able to listen to his game on the Internet.

Plus I wanted to let y'all know I was still alive.

Mom's back at the apartment reading this really awesome kitchen tips book that I brought with me. It's got all sorts of random advice and shortcuts that do indeed work!


I must say, though. As much as it's weird not being able to go online anytime I'd like, I'm still super excited about the fact that without access to Internet or TV or anything, my parents & I have time to do other things.

Like I'm trying to get us to Target to pick up a deck of Monopoly Deal cards.

That should be interesting.



And because you know I like infographics...

{information overlooooad}

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