Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How I Stay Organized: Books

{I'd take a picture of my bookcases for you, but the rest of my room's still a mess}

I didn't post yesterday.

I was organizing my bookcases.

It's always the best and the worst part of cleaning my room.

Best because it means all the books that were scattered all over the floor and on any available surfaces get put away and because my bookshelves look super awesome when I'm done, but...

Worse because I'm kind of OCD in that I organize my books by author's last name {alphabetized} and then alphabetized by title within that. And I have a lot of books. So that step is always... Rawr. Plus, finding space to put all the new books I've accumulated is always an interesting endeavor. I think after yesterday, I've run out of room.

Mmm. {happy sigh of contentment} They're all so pretty...

This time, I actually catalogued all my books in an Excel spreadsheet {see? I told you I'm kinda nuts about these things}, so now I can see what I've got and putting in new books will be easier. I just type in the info {author, title, anthology or no}, highlight the new books I'm inputting and color them some bright color, and hit 'Sort A-Z'. Right away, I can now see where the new books should go on my shelves. Tada!

And now you know my method for keeping all my paperbacks straight.

... I think I need another bookcase.


Anyone else have so many of something that you have to create a spreadsheet to know what you've got?

Yeah, me neither.

I just like to make lists.


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  1. We just reorganized our books too...by taking all of them off the shelf, putting them in piles by author, then reshelving. Books!