Friday, July 22, 2011

Success & Art

{If Only.}
Mission accomplished!

I now have two sets of drawers, grey and white, for my closet! My mom had to talk me out of the bright pink set… because while I’m not a fan of the color pink in general, I do love color. Especially bright colors. And white’s not… bright. Or a color. But it is easier to sell/give away in two years in case I don’t need it anymore. Oh, practicality. Sigh.

On another note, we {the parentals and I} were watching Nightline tonight and they featured a segment on Stephen Wiltshire. And now I want one of his pieces. I just don’t know which city I’d want on my wall.

{I think this one's my favorite}

Stephen Wiltshire is this London artist who, after seeing a city from the air for about half an hour, can draw a panorama of the ENTIRE CITY in detail within three days. And I mean… *siiiigh* His work is gorgeous.

{Venice, a Sketch}

I think sometime this year, I should post about which artists I want on my walls someday. We can see if it changes over time, but… I think I’m pretty set in my tastes considering I’ve been on this planet for two decades now, yes? *laughs* I’m so in awe right now. So in awe, in fact, that I might even change my computer background to one of his works! This is a big deal—I haven’t changed my background from a painting of Hogwarts since… at least the beginning of high school. Goodness. There were probably only five books back then. *O.o*

Well, it’s almost 3 am over here {though I’ll be back-dating this so it says Friday… sneakysneaky}, so I should be going to sleep now.

Anyone else have the same computer wallpaper for ages and ages? Fall in love with an artist and vow to own one of their pieces someday? Choose practical over whimsical? Go to sleep around three in the morning on an almost daily basis? No? It’s just me? Sadness.

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