Friday, July 22, 2011

Out of the Closet

{This is so not my closet. I don't do pink...}
My mom says it’s time.

To go drawer shopping for the apartment, that is!
{hahaha… ha… ha? Okay, yeah, never mind}.

See, we have this wonderful walk-in closet that has a ridiculous {but very much appreciated} amount of hanger space, but absolutely no drawers or shelves. Since Emma needs to be able to see what she’s got lest she forget she has it, Shellie & I have claimed most of the floor space. {We joke that we aren’t going to leave Emma any floor space, so she’s going to have to hang up her socks, too}.

Therefore, a’shoppin’ for clothes drawers we go! We’re eyeing these Sterilite 3-Drawer Wide Carts from Walmart at the moment. Although I’m definitely a Target girl, they’re selling them for double what Walmart is, according to online prices. Which means we’re going with the cheaper option. Sorry, Target. We still love you.

I’ll let you know how it goes! Adios, mis amigos!

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