Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Weekender, No. 4: Nutella Meringue & Binder Paper Tees

For a New Locale to Explore: The Stairway to Heaven Steps

{These aren't it, but I love this picture of stairs. *sigh*}
There’s these stairs in San Francisco that start out in the depths of the sea and slowly rise up and up and up until they reach heavenly bodies and the celestial realm of stars and planets at the top… I’m not sure what the actual name of this artwork is, but I could see it being titled ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ The stairs are one of those ‘stumble upon’ finds that my parents and I found one day while driving to my uncle’s house. Each step is painted so that as you look up the stairs from the base, it literally looks like a winding path from the bottom of the ocean to the sun.* My quest? To climb those stairs and find out what’s at the top.

Let’s just hope there’s no falling a la Icarus…

For the Next Potential Culinary Venture: Nutella Meringues

Because, really, who doesn’t like Nutella? Who cares if it’s super unhealthy for you? It tastes delicious! And that’s what matters, right? *grins* I don’t know if we have cream of tartar, but to have a taste of these, I’d go find some. Don’t they look gorgeous?

For Wishful Thinking: Plates like these to grace our shelves...

{Book Plates}
Or mugs like these...

{Sorry for the picture quality. They're sold out, so I could only find a thumbnail of this cup}

For Those Bursts of Creativity: Binder Paper Tee

{Mickeyla has a bag that matches this!}
I saw these on Pinterest and immediately thought, ‘I CAN DO THAT!’ That was before I even clicked on the actual link and saw that they’re being sold for $50 each. Goodness. I keep myself on a college student’s budget. And $50 a t-shirt is definitely out of the picture.

However, here’s my thinking. Michael’s sells plain t-shirts for $2.50/tee on sale, which is about every two months or so. If I wait to buy a plain white t-shirt, alter it to fit me, and use fabric markers {that I already own}, I can make my own binder paper tee! This plan is much more do-able.

For Pure Aesthetic Pleasure: Birdcages

My mom bought a birdcage while we were out adventuring around San Rafael today. I have no idea what she plans to do with it, seeing as how we don’t have a bird, nor do we have any pending plans to acquire one anytime in the near future. But! With all the craft and diy and home blogs I’ve been reading lately, all I can think when I look at the plain old birdcage is what color paint I can spraypaint it so that it’ll look pretty, bird resident or no. What think you of bright turquoise? And I have gold craft paint for the accents! *oooh*

{This color! Pretty, no?}


* I found it! Check out this article for the background scoop on the 'Stairway to Heaven' mosaic stairs. See?!? I even got the name right! *yay*


  1. teeheehee. i know of a certain bag that just might match that shirt particularly well XD

  2. lol. didn't notice the caption at first. faaaail.

  3. You could SO make those shirts! Sell 'em on Etsy or something!