Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Realities of Apartment Furniture

{I'm so glad we don't have to do this everyday}

{Oh, hey, look! It’s going to be an apartmenting post! Who knew?}

I started thinking about living in the apartments around winter quarter freshman year. If you’re wondering why that’s even worth mentioning, let me explain to you that as a general rule, UCLA students don’t move into the apartments until 3rd year. So I was about, ohhh, two-three years too early.

But see, I like to plan things. And dream about what could be. So I started thinking early. And I had these grand, wonderful visions about apartment life and how awesome it would be to walk into the kitchen whenever I felt like munching and have fruit there that wasn’t a banana, orange, or apple. {While UCLA’s dorm food is renown for being pretty awesome (and it is), their fruit selection is a little… shall we say, sparse?}

I would finally be able to know where absolutely everything was in the kitchen and chose the soap we used in the bathroom {whaat? I like pretty smelling hand soap, but my mom doesn’t. And she’s Mom, so obviously, she wins}. It would be up to me and me alone to keep the place clean enough that people could randomly drop by without it being embarrassing. Well, and it helped that my roommates were magically of the same mindset.

Up until about yesterday, I was uberlyduperly excited about decorating the apartment. Somehow, in my head, my roomies and I would have time before school started to go furniture shopping together and spend time choosing the perfect whateveritwas that fit all our tastes. Our collaboration would send our small apartment from being just another plain, ol’ college apartment to

Sigh. I’m still excited about being able to live out on my own, but now it’s kind of hit me that what I have pictured in my head isn’t realistic. Think about it. We’re going to be there about two years and seeing as how it’s temporary, our kitchen, our furniture, our décor… It’s going to be mostly extras from our parents. Or things that aren’t supposed to last since it only needs to get us through the rest of college.

Reality is going to include mismatched plates, hand-me-down couches, and a lot of IKEA furniture.

It may not be quite what I envisioned, but I suppose I can work with that. Especially if I get to be the one putting together the stuff from IKEA! I’m rather good at it, if I may say so myself. *grins*

{This is my reminder to myself that my imaginary apartment will have to wait until after college. The here-and-now is for figuring out apartment life and learning how to cook. Looking for foreverfurniture and planning gourmet meals is after. Making messes is now. Peace and quiet is after. Roommates are now. Los Angeles is now. Whereverlifetakesme is after (that’s a place, fyi).}


‘Sides. You can’t paint a college apartment. They get mad at you.

This is definitely a temporary situation. Because paint is my friend.

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  1. if i could, i would cover at least one wall with chalkboard paint.