Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adventuring // Urban Light & Levitated Mass at LACMA

LACMA // Urban Light in the Summertime

This wasn't my first time visiting LACMA during my lunch break, but this was my first time going by myself and solely for the purpose of taking pictures. Photo adventure!

LACMA // Urban Light Palm Trees 

Since the lamps aren't actually on during the day, there are fewer people wandering the rows of Urban Light. Which is why Sam, Rainbow, and I have made the middle of the art piece our unofficial lunch spot when we're all in the office. We get asked a lot if we can take pictures for other people. And to move over...

LACMA // Stark Bar & Ray's 

This was my first time walking past the lampposts and into the official LACMA area. As soon as you walk under that awning, the temperature drops ten/fifteen degrees.

LACMA // Kelly & Robert Day Garden 

As a self-proclaimed lover of blue and green, it's funny how much I like bright red, too. It's a trend I've noticed in my closet ever since I started college. It's a very bold color, like... "I don't care what you think of me, I do my own thing." Can't say I wear it very often, but when I do, there's definitely a confidence boost. *laughs* Weird how colors and clothing can do that do a person.

LACMA // Floating Red Staircase

Those stairs are not for people who are afraid of heights... I kind of love them.

LACMA // Giant Escalator Slide

This is the covering on top of the escalator, but wouldn't it be awesome if it really WAS a giant slide? Such a kid at heart.

LACMA // Eatery Area 

If we ever eat lunch here, I'll let you know. Not sure those itsy-bitsy, short tables are really made for putting food on, though. *O.o* They seem disproportionately small.

LACMA // Awesome Elevator

By the way. That's officially one of the coolest elevators I've ever seen. I think it just goes to the parking lot, but ohmygoodness, it's awesome.

LACMA // Levitated Mass 

Oh look. I happened upon Levitated Mass unintentionally; I was just walking, taking pictures of things, and "ohlook. a giant open space with a giant rock in the middle."

Confession: that one taller palm tree drives me nuts.

LACMA // Levitated Mass from the Ramp 

I remember reading about the transportation of this chunk of stone from Riverside to Los Angeles a while ago {specifically, three internships ago...}. So to see it in person was kind of cool. Plus, the lover of minimalistic, clean lines in me really enjoyed the wide expanse of empty space and lack of trash/leaves/gum/etc on the two-way concrete ramp. If only my apartment were this neat all the time... {Not that we have trash/leaves/gum/etc in our apartment, but you know what I mean}.

LACMA // Couple Beneath Levitated Mass

Hello, anonymous stranger hipster couple. Thanks for posing/modeling how large the rock is.

LACMA // Metal Sign

I still need to come back (1) at night for the requisite lamppost pictures and (2) when I have time to make paying the $15 admission into the museum worthwhile.

Next lunch break stop: the "Granny" museum next to my bus stop. No really. The Craft and Folk Art Museum actually has a giant sign in the front window that says "Granny Squared." Not lying.

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