Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Link Love // Teenage Girl Music, TeamCoCo, & Video Geniusness

EmDashPaperCo Round Multicolor Hi Stickers
{these stickers by EmDashPaperCo-- she's the coolest}

+ Listening to this by One Direction on repeat. And this one. And this one. Yikes. I do feel slightly sheepish about the fact that they've been my study music this week. But... so... catchy... *shrugs* If it'll keep me awake during this multiple all-nighter quarter, I'm down.

+ Here's the entire album if you need something fluffy to listen to during finals.

+ Also on the Youtube playlist? This by Selena Gomez. You may ask why I'm on a teenage-girl-music kick right now. Simple as: I got tired of fast-forwarding through Pandora's Top Hits channel. So much blanked-out swearing, so many sketchy lyrics, so many songs I'm just tired of hearing. Time to move on.

+ This blog and this one-- major study distractions. I just sat there at some point and read through archives like a creeper.

+ This is genius. I think the plan was to just smoosh together parts of some of the top colleges in the country into one amazing Monster University. I spy Royce Hall arches and what looks a bit like Sculpture Garden from UCLA. Did your college contribute architecture to Sully & Mike Wazowski's alma mater?

+ I love this. They're all SOTRUE. I think I have as much fun reading the description as I do trying to place the pop culture references. Tumblr's too addictive for its own good.

+ An excellent read. A different view of Christian singleness.

+ Newest fav TV show? This, mostly because of Coco Rocha & Team Coco. They're the sweetest, least dramatic, adorable-est group ever. And after twenty seasons, the ANTM catfights were getting old and the ideas more random. *rolls eyes*

+ No one spoil the two latest episodes of OUAT for me! I've had/got all my assignments and my hardest final due last week and this week, so I've kept S-Team from watching and getting caught up. This Friday, though. It's going down and it's going to be epic.

+ How did they do this? And how early in the morning did they have to film to catch Santa Monica Pier that empty... *impressed*

+ Steben, this is especially for you, but I think it's kind of universal as well. I mean, really, how could it not be? It's about Teddy Roosevelt & Batman.

+ I came across this article at work and was like... whoa, cool... And lo & behold, when I got home, I was asked if I wanted to try the new layout! Well, duh. I gotta say, out of all the crazy "improvements" websites have made over the years {I'm looking at you, Facebook}, this has got to be the one I don't dislike the most! *laughs* In other words, the change isn't too jarring and I actually kind of approve. *nods*

{Okay, shameless self-promotion link time: Pinterest & Twitter. I have to update my sidebar, but AFTERFINALSRAWRRR}.

+ This video-talented family in France. Nonono, olive youuu.

+ Anyone else excited that TSwift's music video for "22" comes out in a few hours? Yay for friends!

+ If I ever wanted to be besties with a freshie, it would probably be this one. Amazed.

+ The trailer for this movie. I honestly got chills the first time I watched it. There's so many things to love about this movie. But one thing that makes me smile in approval is the fact that Jackie Robinson is a UCLA alum and is featured on our MyUCLA homepage all the time with the caption: "When baseball wouldn't let him in, he refused to be out." And that song at the end of the trailer. I want.

+ This amuses me. Disney princesses and college go hand in hand, I swear.


I've got to share these more often so that the posts don't end up as long as this one. I think people with normal attention spans probably tuned out way towards the top.

As you can tell, I'm avoiding studying. And now I'm going back to the books. Yay, finals week. *sigh*

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