Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Strange.

A list of things.

1. I came to a life-altering realization five minutes ago when I was making my breakfast.

You can always have more cereal once you pour it. It's much harder to have less.

Profound, I know.


2. My dog is a funny one.

She was eyeing me down as I started to munch on my cereal with her ears up and her head cocked and everything.

And as soon as I looked down at her though, her ears go back down, her head straightens, and her eyes widen like, "whaaat?"

I go back to munching... *head tilt*

I look at her... *innocent face*

Munching... *tilt*

Looking... *innocent*

Ad infinitum.

Funny dog.


3. We took off Zoe's collar since it looked like it was rubbing her neck funny and ever since, she's been a ghosty dog.

What I mean to say is, without a jingly collar announcing her presence, we never know where she might be.

For example, I thought she was lying right next to me.

I just looked.

She's standing on my other side, eyeing me down again.

How'd you get there.


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{ghost dogs!}

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