Monday, August 6, 2012

Adventuring // Treasure Island Views

Bay Bridge View from Treasure Island
San Francisco Skyline from Treasure Island
Isle of Palms, Treasure Island
San Francisco Skyline from Treasure Island
TransAmerica Building & Coit Tower in the San Francisco Fog
Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz in San Francisco Fog
San Francisco Skyline with Bay Bridge
Treasure Island View of Bay Bridge

I had never been to Treasure Island before this flea market excursion my parents and I went on last week. Just think. Twenty-one years of living in the Bay Area and never stopping off at one of the more quintessential San Francisco spots. I get the feeling most locals don't "play tourist" around the city they live in, simply because they either want to avoid real tourists or because it's never occurred to them. I challenge myself {and you!} to get out there and explore the area you live in-- if there's ever a place that you should be an expert on, it should be your backyard, right?


Why I Like These Views:
+ the contrast between the sunny skies and rolling fog
+ who doesn't love city skylines?
+ so many shades of blue going on here
+ one word: cloudless.
+ all the SF landmarks with one turn of the head {can you spot the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the TransAmerica Pyramid, Sutro Tower, the Embarcadero, the Bank of America Center, and all the rest of the buildings listed on Wiki's Tallest Buildings in SF list (where there's a great panoramic scan of SF from basically the exact spot I was standing in while taking these pictures-- what a coinkidink)?}


That last picture was taken from inside the car, so that's why it's kind of shiny and odd. *shrugs* Apologies.

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