Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adventuring // Treasure Island Flea Market

This past Sunday, my parentals, Zoe, and I headed out to the Treasure Island Flea Market for a day in the middle of the Bay. We weren't really looking for anything in particular, but since Zoe was going to have surgery Monday morning, we figured she should have one last day of adventure and new sights and smells before two or more weeks of being a couch potato.

As soon as we walked into the Flea Market, we saw this papasan chair that totally reminded me of YoungHouseLove's latest furniture addition that they're refurbishing. The joys of being an avid blog reader are those random blog connections you make all. the. time.

It can get rather ridiculous.

Giant letters? If you're ECO-friendly, you'd definitely want those.

Also, there is a lot of furniture sold at the TI Flea Market, so if you need something and you want it unique, check out this place before you hit up IKEA.

Okay. Can we just say-- *eeeeeeee*! So intricate and colorful and hipster. Who wouldn't want an octopus necklace? WITH A MUSTACHE. The small business that makes these, [un]possible, was so sweet. I stood there for ages the first time we walked past their booth, taking pictures and ooh-ing and ahh-ing. I didn't buy anything, but by the time we'd finished walking through the rest of the Flea Market, I knew I had to go back. Something that dwells on your mind as long and as often as these octopi necklaces did on mine-- that's when you know it's a good impulse buy.

Which one do you think I bought? *muahahaha*


Are you sure those aren't tampon-holding wristbands?
{sorry. had to ask...}

A Smurf dress with stripes?

Speaking of seeing blog connections everywhere, this dress made me think of Cindy. Doesn't the material of this look like it was once bedsheets? And since those seem to be her specialty...

Ooh. Let me tell you, these things smelled really good. And that mini donut machine was super cute. Loving the top hat, sir. So much goodness.

Isn't that machine just awesome? I kinda want one now...


The view was fantastic from Treasure Island since it's smack in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Needless to say, I obviously had to make the most of the sunshine and view. This was my first time visiting Treasure Island {driving over/through it to get to San Francisco doesn't count} and it was quite the adventure. Glad we went.

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