Monday, May 21, 2012

Which Direction is Up?

Sunset in Los Angeles; on Bruinwalk, near Janss Steps.
It's a never-ending, vicious cycle.

You miss a few days of writing something down and then you feel guilty about skipping and can't figure out how to explain your absence, so you don't write anything for another day... and then another... and then another, until you look at the date of your last post and think, "Ohshoot. It's been--" *checks last date of post* Oh hey. It's only been a week. I guess I'd gotten so used to writing something every day that a week seemed like a month. Huh.

This past week has been madness. So many events, so many things to do, people to meet, *laughs* people to avoid, places to be, things that need organizing and taking care of, so much socialness. Crazy.

+ May 11th-- Dinner for Eight grocery shopping with Steph & Tommy. Sisters' Appreciation that night after GOC in the apartments.

+ May 12th-- Dinner for Eight. Lots of cooking, baking, laughter, and friends. Separate post coming.

+ May 14th-- Lunch with Kim & Steph. Dinner with Stephen, Steph, & Tommy. Work on bowties for Brothers' Appreciation {BroApp}.

+  May 15th-- dash back from class to bake two dozen red velvet cupcakes and dash back onto campus for more class. After class, frost and deliver.

+ May 17th-- finish up the last of the bowties & deliver.

+ May 18th-- last day to buy Spring Banquet tickets

+ May 19th-- BroApp Day! Entire day spent prepping-- grocery shopping, clean apartment, bake four dozen cupcakes, create ransom note for scavenger hunt, plan escape with my partner-in-crime Victoria, and the actual event.
Separate post coming.

+ May 20th-- Church & UCA Board Meeting-- need to figure out which position I want to run for next year... shoot.

+ May 21st-- Daddy's knee surgery; lunch with Kim, Steph, & Mickeyla.

On top of this, there's more BroApp organizing I didn't mention and our GOC class is playing Assassins this quarter... I think that deserves its own post as well. It's amazing.

But yes. Just a catch-up post so y'all know I hadn't forgotten to post for no good reason. Be prepared for a ridiculous number of things in the next few days...

You've been forewarned. :)

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