Monday, May 21, 2012

Adventuring: Lunch Chronicles, Part 2


Lunch date with these two and one Kim, who, until she gives me a better photoface than the one I always get when I turn the camera her way, will remain unphotographed.

So there.

We went to BBQ Chicken in Westwood, near campus. It's this small Asian BBQ chicken place that doesn't look like much, but the food's actually pretty good. I showed up late since I had class, but my dates ordered the spicy BBQ chicken, the terri chicken {something about garlic & soy sauce, I think?}, and a plate of spicy rice cakes {it had some catchy Asian name, but I don't remember what it was}. 

Afterwards, we thought about going to Yogurtland, but since it's a pretty far walk from campus and we needed to get Kim to class by 3pm, we decided to try Malibu Yogurt. I actually wrote up the blurb on this place when I was working for DBM, so I had high hopes of excellent ice cream for a great price. And indeed, those expectations were fulfilled.

Contrary to what these faces might say. They were just excited to get their ice cream. Well. Steph was excited. Kim was just skeptical of my camerapicturetaking.

*hee* She might kill me for this picture, but it's funny. She was showing off her 'little kid with ice cream cone' face.

So yes, tasty ice cream, good price... poor customer service. I so wanted to like this place a lot, and I kind of still do, if only because they have these awesome bar stool/wooden deck chair seats outside their shop, but the fact that the guy who got us our ice cream wasn't very nice {he kept rolling his eyes and we were really confused as to what we did that warranted such annoyance and impatience} detracted from the experience. *sigh*

This was mine. *laughs* If you're wondering, that's Mocha Almond Fudge on the bottom and Cotton Candy on the top. I'm not a fan of almonds, but meh. I am a fan of chocolate.

We decided that the flavors we got were representative of us and our personalities:

Cotton Candy + Mocha Fudge: me: I seem mostly normal, but really, such a crazykid. I'm more strange than you'd think. *laughs* We could have really read into the flavor choices {I'm really good at coming up with stuff ever since I took AP Lang-- best class ever}, but that'd take too much brainpower that we don't have right now. I'm basically a mix of sophisticate and little kid.

Cookies'n'Cream with streaks of Cotton Candy: Steph: You meet this girl and are like, "Aww, she's so sweet and quiet and nice and awww", and then you get to know her and realize that she's secretly super loud and crazy. Few people can turn down Cookies'n'Cream ice cream and with Steph, she's basically everyone's favorite, so it works out.

Peanut Butter: Mickeyla: PB seems like such a normal flavor-- very all-American, everyday, normal. But as an ice cream? Mmm, not so much. Thus, Mickeyla is quirky and offbeat, but seemingly sososo normal.

Chocolate Malt Crunch: Kim: ... we weren't sure about this one. I'm sure we could come up with something if we thought about it longer, but at the time... *shrugs* Sorry, Kim. We got stuck.

Another slight issue with this ice cream place? Our ice cream melted waaay too fast. We crossed the street and I had neon pink, bright purple, and chocolate-y brown streaks running down my hands in this sticky, really gross looking mess. Not cool. As if I wasn't getting enough strange looks about my choice of ice cream, you've got to add to that the drippy factor. Ohdear.

This is a UCLA squirrel. A baby UCLA squirrel. As Steph and I walked back from class, we saw this cutie stretched out between those two trashcans right there, trying to get from one to the other.

So tiny! It even had Steph, who's not known for her love of wild creatures {like any type of dog... or butterflies}, wanting to pet it.

Just fyi, it's about five inches long, if you can't tell by the picture.

Are you ready? *collective AWWW* There you go.

You're welcome.

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