Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!

It takes a while for letters to get from Los Angeles to New York.

So I'll wait until Debrr dear receives this and then I'll post it.

Happy {belated} 21st to my dearest Debrr!

You can now legally buy white wine for chicken or burgundy for beef bourguignon! Whoot. *laughs*

That's right. We know how to live on the edge and party it up...


Sidenote: I found out that UCLA is offering a Typography course over the summer! I sososo want to take it, but (1) I don't own a Mac, which is probably what you need to create fonts and (2) I'm most likely going home for the summer.

*wistful sigh*


Sooo... Debrr dear's birthday is early April. She didn't get her card until early May. Oy. Happy belated, love? *grins*

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