Friday, May 4, 2012

A Different Kind of Happy Hour

{just another sunny day in Westwood, LA. mmm.}
My co-director for UCA Networking Night, Sonia, and I went shopping for speaker gifts this afternoon.

Five pounds of assorted chocolate: $16.

UCLA parking: $2.

Eight UCLA pens: $4.
Eight UCLA mugs: $48.

Broxton Ave parking: free.

Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapp: $1.67.

Starbucks wait time: 34 minutes.

Getting things done and impromptu outings with a friend: priceless.


{the line was craaazy long. such a long wait. so delicious, though.}
Seriously. I don't normally go Starbucks {like, at all}, but Sonia needed coffee before going back to study in the apartments, so we drove into Westwood and lo-and-behold. Apparently, Starbucks is having Frapp Happy Hour May 4-13 from 3-5pm everyday and during that time, frappuccinos are half price. Awesome.


Other things of note:

{ACA's Chinese American Culture Night is May 12th in Royce! It's free and Clara C will be performing! Support Shellie & Emma! <3}
+ waking up to lime green and teal balloons in our living room. So pretty.

+ winning a flash drive shaped like Royce Hall from the Career Center {entries from attending Career Week events}. That just makes me laugh. I need to see what these things look like...

+ it's Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you. *grins* 

+ being done with two of four midterms. Gaaah. This weekend = more hermitting.

+ Broken Hearted by Karmin and Part of Me by Katy Perry playing on repeat via Youtube.

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