Monday, April 16, 2012

Moving On

Just when I think I've got it figured out, it's bidding us adieu.

I did spend a few hours yesterday playing around with PicMonkey & that went pretty well. The only two issues I had were (1) their font selection isn't as extensive as Picnik's & (2) no collage feature just yet. {They are working on that though!} Well, and the fact that I had to install updates for not only Adobe, but Mozilla Firefox as well {those who know me roll their eyes over the fact that I still use Internet Explorer, so Firefox is a whole foreign world to me}. However, there were definite pluses-- (1) they have Lobster! {it's a font that I think is super cool}, (2) their Effects selection is AMAZING, no exaggeration, (3) they have Touch Up features that are hilarious to play around with {and work really well if you have pictures with funny lighting that wipes out the color in people's faces}, (4) their buttons are really pretty & modern, (5) they have Textures, which was fun to experiment with because it gives your picture more depth and, well, texture.

Added bonus? At the moment, since they're still starting up their site, we have free access to the Royale features {things you'd normally have to pay a fee for} until they figure out how much they want to charge.

I'm actually kind of loving it.

And this from me, who normally shies away from change of any form?



Not a sponsored post obviously. I'm not cool enough for that yet. *grins*

I just thought I'd share a good thing with you guys!

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