Saturday, April 14, 2012

Link Love: Storytelling & the Modern Girl

Some things on the Internets that I've been loving lately...

{basically everything you need to know, ever}
I stumbled across from a link on Sterling Style and instantly knew it was on my wishlist of places to work post-college. I mean, really? Look at it. It features women who've started their own businesses and created something that's successful and inspiring. It has a job postings section that is, simply put, a dream-- where else can you get a bunch of different postings that are right up The Blogging Girl's alley? Especially since they notify you of internships for some of the best bloggers out there and put you in contact with said writers. Ahmazing. *grins* Plus, the job postings are located all around the United States, so it's not just based in one localized area.

I haven't explored every part of the site yet, so I'm sure I'll be finding things to exclaim over for a while. Thanks to Alaina & Danielle for creating this lovely website!

{which two classics does this feature? i love it}
These minimalist posters for the Colsubsidio Book Exchange that feature mash-ups of stories that you'd never think would go together. And yet. They've got my brain reeling from their intricacy and detail. It calls for some up-for-a-challenge writer to create an actual story with the two featured in the posters... Can you image Harry Potter and Troy? *laughs* A whole new take on how to defeat Voldemort, anyone?

Thanks, Steben, for showing me this!

{via Google}
I'm pretty sure I was born in the wrong decade. I am a nineties child by no means of the word. The forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies though... *dreamy sigh*

What can I say? I know all the lyrics to the songs from the sixties & seventies {better than my parents, actually}, adore the clothing of the forties & fifties, and could totally pass for a hippie love child if I put a headband around my head when I have long hair {especially if my hair's split right down the middle}. I'm aware the picture in my head of these decades is probably romanticised, but still. They had the best cartoons. *grins* Imagine my face when I discovered that Fractured Fairy Tales is on Hulu! And Mr. Peabody & Sherman! And Rocky & Bullwinkle! *eee* Nobody does cute and witty like these cartoons. Mmm.

Catchy songs on repeat around here?  "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen & "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction. Youtube them-- Carly Rae's music video {the official one, not the JBiebs one} is hilarious and I love it. Remember to watch all the way to the end if you give it a try!

{mustard meets dots}
From Sterling Style to The Everygirl to M Loves M-- I love finding new blogs and 'meeting' new people and one of my lucky finds this week was Mara from this article. She's a fashion blogger based in LA who, through her writing about and documenting of her personal style, ended up getting her dream job with Ruche {which is one of the prettiest shopping sites ever, but as a college student pulling in no income whatsoever, is a little out of my price range for the time being}. I think I've been reading through her blog all day today... *sheepish* You know, instead of homework and re-listening to lectures on Bruincast? Oops.


Happy weekend!

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