Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nonfiction Television & Perks of Being Home

I helped my dad clean part of the garage today.

It's pretty impressive at the moment, but no guarentee it'll stay that way for long.

And I noticed something about my TV intake during school breaks. Even when I'm away from school, I still try to keep learning something. There seems to be a pattern {or if not a pattern, then at least an overarching genre?}.

I watched Survivors of the Firestorm on PBS Nature. It's about the forest and animal recovery after the 2009 fires in Australia. I never knew wombats were so darn cute and chubby. And did you know there's a certain type of flower that normally grows at a rate of 4 inches per decade, but after a massive fire like the one in 2009, grew 4 inches a week for a while due to the extreme heat? There's also a plant called a chocolate lily that... wait for it... SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. Shoot. That's awesome.

After watching that, I want to go work with the animals in Australia and do animal rescue work, too. Add that to the Bucket List. {Not that I have one at the moment. I should make one}.

Next on the list was Swimming in Auschwitz. Also on Channel 9, but I don't know where people not in the Bay Area would find that on their TVs... Amazing, though. History is always something that we should spend time learning about. For me, I soak the stuff up partially because it's always good to know things, but also because history is made up of stories. And who doesn't want to hear people's stories? You learn about worlds, cultures, eras, places, and people when you learn about history.

Globetrekker was next-- they were in Papua New Guinea. Not a place that I'm planning on visiting in my lifetime, but very interesting to watch. I definitely admire the Globe Trekker hosts because they are so get-up-and-go, ready-for-anything, up-for-anything type people. Fearless. Brazen. Curious. Love watching it, cringe a little inside when they do something I so wouldn't. Always impressed.

And, you know, an episode of New Girl. *sheepish grin* Whaaat. I hadn't seen that episode before. We don't have TVs in college for the most part, so we do a lot of Internet watching {yeah, Hulu!} and Fox doesn't let Hulu show their shows until eight days later. I would've watched the episode I watched tonight this upcoming Wednesday instead. So hey, unexpected advantage of being home? *laughs*

Other pluses to being home?

Watching the dog try to clompclomp around in doggie booties. Ohman. It's hilarious.

Egg white omelettes {omelet? I typed it into Google and they said that the extra 'te' was the real spelling} with asparagus and cheese, prepared and cooked by my mummy.


Doggie kisses.

Finding a can of condensed milk waaaaay in the back of the shelf that's dated 1998. Oh yeah. I win.

The sound of rain.

Corned beef with cabbage and carrots {it was my welcome-home-meal. other people were looking forward to Chinese food... not in our house!}.

Falling asleep sitting on the couch, leaning on my dad.

Heating blankets.

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