Friday, March 23, 2012

Midnight Yell

I'd suggest turning down the volume of your speakers if you're going to click play...

This, my friends, is what we here at UCLA call "Midnight Yell". A tradition of old, it entails that every night during finals week of every quarter, masses of stressed-out, overly-caffeinated, insanely sleep-deprived college students yell their lungs out at exactly midnight to let out some of their frustration {if they still have finals left} or to celebrate the end of another quarter {if they're done}.

Dormies aren't allowed to participate, else they'll get in trouble, but once you move to the apartments, screaming bloody murder for an entire sixty seconds is fair game.

I've heard drums being played, saxophones wailing, trumphets blowing, people Rickrolling {no lie. we died laughing}, pretty much anything that can relieve the tension that's come with two weeks worth of hermitting and studying non-stop for a test that'll be over in a few hours and more than likely either ask you about material you didn't study or not ask about material that you did.

It's tradition. I've yet to actually participate, but it never fails to make me smile when I hear it. Oh, college kids. We're really loud.

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