Thursday, March 22, 2012

Makin' Plans. Hunger Game Plans.

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{haven't gotten into the hype, but i do like this quote}
Sooo, apparently the Hunger Games {am I supposed to capitalize the 'T' in 'the' too?} comes out tonight?

I just found out my roomies are going.


Seriously, these girlies. Game plan: leave at 11:45 pm to drive to the theater in another section of LA for the 12:30 am showing. I guess it should turn out all right since Cindy is waiting for a midnight showing to start as we speak and she says it's half empty and no one is dressed up. I wonder if she dressed up in her Girl on Fire dress-- you have to go check it out on her blog, Cation Designs, because it is... wow. *emphatic nod*

Now, let's just wait to see if these girlies can make it out the door on time and whether Shellie can speed-read the last 47 pages of the book before they go...


Sidenote? I am technically donedonedone with Winter 2012 finals! I actually wrote and completed and proofread and printed a paper all before midnight! This has never happened before! What to do with myself! So many exclamation points! I'm so excited to go home! Eee!

Any suggestions on how I should spend my alone time now that the roomies will be gone til late and I don't have homework or anything else to study for?
{*squee* I'm DONE.}

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