Saturday, March 17, 2012

Let's Be Friends

It's like that question-- If you just met yourself, would you want to be friends?

I think I would. But I'm not entirely sure. There are times when I can be kind of a brat.

As a psychology major, you learn in several of your classes that people are usually drawn to people that are similar to them-- people put more value in qualities, traits, and characteristics that they themselves think they possess.

So what qualities, traits, and characteristics am I made up of?

Or to make this easier on me {since I'm staring at that question like it's Arabic cause I have no clue how to answer it}, what do I want/need from a potential friend?


Dear Potential Friend,

I hope you are someone who isn't afraid to be a little strange sometimes. Not all the time, cause that'd get annoying after a while, but someone who gets that there's a time and a place to goof around and be silly.

It'd be nice if you were at least somewhat talkative. I'm all for companionable silence, but that usually only happens when you've known someone for ages. Otherwise, it's just Awkward silence masquerading as Companionable. Such a liar.

Things in common would be good. I don't know how I'd feel if we had everything in common-- a little spooked would be my guess-- but more like... just enough in common so that we have something to talk about and bond over, but also enough differences that we can each push each other's boundaries and help the other person try new things.

Can you be the kind of person who is willing to tell me when I'm being an idiot, but who is also smart enough and tactful enough that I don't feel like you're telling me I'm being an idiot? Does that make any sense? Honesty is good, but it can get pretty harsh if it's blunt and in your face. Please be kind.

If you can be okay with the fact that I can't give advice when you're upset, frightened, or confused {cause I never know what to say}, then we'll be good. I do make a very good listener though. It'd be cool if you were, too.


There's so much more I could add to this faux-letter, but I also realized that there are things that I am definitely not that I think are so awesome in other people. Like how some people are just so effortlessly cool. I know that chill facade probably takes at least a little work {if not, you're even cooler than I previously thought}, but man, you've got that perfected. The intellectual, the nerdy-chic kid, the connector {they know everyone}, the indie-- all the stereotypes really-- they're so fascinating. I'd love to be friends with all of them. I'm so not that cool. *grins*

But I'll try to work on that. Gaining cool points and becoming a better friend. After all, I do want to be someone that people want to be friends with.

Be my friend? :)


{written & posted March 21st}

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