Monday, February 27, 2012

The Little Things in Life, No. 19: Rainy Days & Mondays

... talking with the head of the Comm department and being "sweet" enough that she allowed me into a class I'm technically not supposed to be able to take.

Yay for being sweet! And for being able to namedrop the fact that I'm part of the UCA board and the added bonus of a good friend vouching for me whom the head of the dept really loves. *happy grin* I don't have to figure out a new schedule! *eee*

... not dying while giving another speech for Comm 1. That's always a plus. On the downside, I don't know what the professor's feedback meant-- did he want me to be more personable or tone it down or have a more serious topic or whaaat.
So confused.

... realizing that it was both a rainy day AND a Monday. What're the chances?!? *grins* I love this song... I think I'll add the video at the bottom of this post. The Carpenters are awesome-- it helps that Karen Carpenter had a low voice. If I can sing it and it's in my range, it goes up several notches in my opinion. {Altos forever!} It's one of the reasons Santana is possibly my favorite character on Glee.

... doing my PoliSci homework relatively quickly. Considering PoliSci homework is one of the biggest banes of my existence this quarter, not bad. Not bad at all.

... taking half hour naps throughout the night as I study for my midterm. That's how we do it. Although I learned in the Comm 1 speeches today that each stage of one full sleep cycle {there are five stages} takes 90 minutes to complete, which means that an entire sleep cycle is... 7.5 hours? Baha! Oookay then. I don't think I've gotten a full sleep cycle since Winter break...


Sorry for the awkward screenshot. They chose it, not me! *laughs*

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