Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Adventuring: Long Beach Aquarium Day Trip

We went to see the feeshies Presidents' Day weekend.

We went to Berth 55 Fish Market for lunch. Really good food, slightly sketchy location. It's hidden in a shipyard.

Gorgeous colors though.

Whatchu lookin' at?

Perfect Cali weather: blue skies, white puffy clouds, lots of sunshine.

We got lost. Twas fun.

Palm trees and leisure boat docks.

The gateway to the feeshies!

Steph & our Jane By Design reference. *grins*

Boys. They're 'fighting' one minute...

... Friends again the next. Piggy back rides are the bestest.

They're kind of hard, but squishy and soft at the same time. *petpet*

*happiness* So many colorful feeshies, so little time!

This shall be continued, since I can't handle all the underwater goodness at one time!

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  1. too cute!!! <3 yay!!! =)

    thanks for posting all these awesome pics!