Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waxing Poetic

It was 80 degrees outside today.

In the middle of January.

This is California.

Live it. Love it.

I walked back from my UCA event at nine o'clock at night in what is basically a tee shirt and the air felt like it was late August instead of mid-January. Absolutely amazing. Equally amazing? The last two days, when I walked to class in the morning, the sunshine has this early May feel to it {you know, like summer's just around the corner and excitement is tingling?} with a hint of wintery chill that reminds you of school mornings right before the bell rings for class. I could wax poetic about this weather for quite a while, I think, so I'd better stop now before (1) it gets boring and (2) I jinx it and the weather decides to turn nasty for the rest of the month. *wrinkles nose*

The UCA event went really well. A ton of people showed up and hopefully walked away with lots of useful information about networking and the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and with a better idea of what they should be doing and what they want to do in the future. {Wow, long sentence}. I like being the behind-the-scenes for these events. Background is a fun place to be. And now it's time to start planning the next event-- UCA's Spring Networking Night! Excited!

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