Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snapshots: January 24, 2011

... I'm actually doing my reading for class. And it's not even the easy type reading from a Psych or Soc textbook. It's scientific articles with big words, no pictures, and a lot of small text. The world must be ending!

... I saw an old man wearing bright red skinny jeans the other day. I don't know if he's a professor or not, but goodness, his class would be interesting. He made my day.

... Orange Flavored Dried Cranberries from Trader Joe's. Amazing.

... I finally figured out a meal that I can make with reliable accuracy {read: yummy} and that doesn't take too long {as opposed to my 1.2 hours to de-fat chicken}. I am proud of myself.

... I went to two, read that again, TWO sports games in one, read that again, ONE weekend. Whoa me. UCLA Men's Volleyball Saturday night and UCLA Women's Gymnastics Sunday afternoon.

Of note, I went to both games by myself. I knowww, right? I never do that. If no one can go with me, I don't usually go. But... I dunno. I had fun and didn't have to worry about making conversation with anyone except my dad. We watched the vball game simultaneously 352 miles apart. Twas nice. Although the people around me were giving me funny looks and probably wondering why that Asian girl came by herself and then spent almost the entire time texting. Crazy kid.

... Men's vball is so much different from women's vball. The guys seem more all over the place while the girls make it look like a sport. Or an art. Sometimes both at the same time. Daddy says it's cause the guys hit so much harder that they don't have as much control over the ball. I think that's lame. Wouldn't it be better to hit it with less force if that means you wouldn't lose a point for serving out? *shrugs* Boys.

... Since I have class at 11am everyday {except the days I work, but 3 out of 5 days is the majority}, I made myself promise to wake up at 9am on those days so that I could at least try to get stuff done before going off to class. It isn't always easy, because who wouldn't want extra sleep? But it works for me now. In that small span of time after I get ready for school and eat breakfast, I'm able to read all my dailys and check facebook really quickly. Call it a young generation's morning newspaper. But yes. It's 10:22am now and I should be heading out. Four hour block of class, GO!

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