Monday, January 16, 2012

The SuckySucky Day

Can't lie. Today felt like a suckysucky day.
{I forget where my mom first heard that adjective, but she thinks it's hilarious and now I use it occasionally when the situation warrants a "suckysucky" description}.

Reasons why:

1. It's a holiday. But I had to be awake by 7:15 am.

Someone thought it'd be a brilliant idea to volunteer to come in on a holiday. Stupid someone. That someone needs to learn to sleep in and goof off with friends instead of getting up early and writing things all day. Especially when that someone isn't being paid. I hope that someone learned their lesson.

2. The Big Blue Bus decided to be a butt.

I purposely checked online last night to see if the buses were running on a normal schedule today. The website didn't say anything was special or would change due to the holiday. So I walked all the way across campus to the bus stop only to see that there were no buses anywhere to be seen. Called up the number on the BBB sign... "In accordance with the holiday, the Big Blue Bus will be running on the Sunday schedule today. Have a nice day!" Really? Really now? Thanks.

Long story short, I could have saved myself half an hour of walking, plus I was late because I had to walk back to Ackerman Turnaround and wait for the next bus. Bad bus. Badbad bus.

3. The AC should not be turned on when it's 52 degrees OUTside.


4. Apt 213 went adventuring.

And I couldn't have gone even if I'd been invited. Which I probably wouldn't have since I don't live there, but still. I guess it would have hurt worse had I not had work today? Maybe?


5. I'm being ignored.

I asked my apartmentmates what day it was {Jan 15th or 16th} and neither moved or said a thing. Granted, both had headphones on, but really, no one even noticed I was talking at all? Normally I could at least get a "What?" out of them.

And then they left.

So aloooooone. *sadface*


On the other hand, here are the nice things that happened today:

1. I bought chapstick.

And they smell like fruit.

2. I think I finished my PoliSci homework.

Course, I'm not entirely sure, but I'm more done than not? ... I think?

3. I'm thinking of going to bed early. That'd be nice.

4. Ran into Kermit on the bus ride home today.

Apparently, he'd been down in San Diego for the weekend. And he's taking a Theatre class this quarter. *grins* He's getting lots of weird looks from the WAC majors since he's a deep South Campus major. They just can't understand why he's taking the course. I think they think he's lost.

WAC stands for World Arts and Cultures. It's considered pretty fluffy.

5. My parentals made for great walking buddies.

I called them as I was walking around and back from Westwood. The older I get, the more I enjoy talking to them. S'nice.



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