Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snapshots: January 11, 2012

Right now...

... I am gathering intel on the clients at my PR internship. I need to know as much about them as I possibly can from Internet researching. The fact that I like all the businesses so far is a good indicator of how much I'll enjoy my time here. Yay, photography & food!

... I have my earbuds in my ears, but no music playing. It seems to have become a habit of mine, started back when I first started dorming and wanted to look uninterruptable. I don't actually know if that's a legit word. *grins*

... I have no homework. Whaaat.

... my roomies and I have taken to turning on two different sets of lights when we're in the apartment. Apparently, having just one on makes us feel rather isolated in our little circle of light, so having two on makes it feel more warm and inviting. Or something like that.

... someone should probably make the trip down the hall to take the trash out. That someone will probably be me. While I'm at it, I should probably check for my textbooks.

... our fridge and freezer are completely stocked. I think we have enough food for a month. Although we may run out of milk before then.

... Emma's giggling/snickering/snorting behind our closed bedroom curtain. I think she's watching "How I Met Your Mother". She doesn't have any homework either.

... I'm contemplating writing up a bunch of posts since I have no homework and I took a late nap. The joys of First Week.

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