Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Experiences: Bus Routes and Upper Divs

One of the things I like about being a third year is the ability to take all these interesting classes that ickle freshies and sophomores aren't able to get into.

For example, this quarter, I'm taking Nonverbal Communication & Body Language {Comm M113} and Intimate Relationships {Psych 137C}. How fun do those sound? Last quarter it was Social Psych {Psych 135} and Abnormal Psych {Psych 127A}. I think those sound a heck of a lot more interesting than Politics & Strategy {PoliSci 30} or Research Methods in Psychology {Psych 100B}.

I've started to realize just how much more fun and interesting upper div, non-prereq courses are compared to lower div prereqs. Once you survive your first two years at college, it's like this whole new world opens up to you and you're allowed to take all these classes that you're genuinely curious about. It's fabulous.

In addition to that, your teachers get a lot cooler. That isn't to say that I don't have a bunch of teachers that I love from my GEs and prereqs, but I think the professors know that by this point, if you're taking their class, you actually want to be there, so they don't talk to you like you dislike them. They're very... chill. Laidback.

{I was kind of surprised when I came to college how much teachers swear around here. It's kinda crazy, really. I think some do it to seem cool and keep the kids interested, while others just like the shock value. I definitely have more respect for those who don't do it at all.}


It was the first day of my PR internship today. It was extremely nerve-wracking, partially because I don't really get the bus system, partially because I didn't know what to expect. Turns out, the buses aren't too bad and work seems like it will be a learning experience.

One where I have to learn fast, because my boss is a New Yorker in the entertainment industry... and let me tell you-- any stereotypes you may have heard of look to be true thus far. *grins* She's fascinating though, so I'm sure I'll learn a lot. And very quickly.

This is one of those sink or swim games. Everything has to be done not five minutes from now, not one minute from now, but ten minutes ago. Fingers crossed that I can keep up!


It's a strange feeling having an internship off-campus. Actually travelling someplace else by myself to do a job is so... grown up. Scary, for sure; you can ask Shellie and she'll tell you I was freaking out last night, worried over bus schedules and bus routes and perfecting my speech {for my Comm 1 (Public Speaking) class which I have right after my internship}. Having to find that balance between work and school is something that I'm glad I don't do because I have to, but because I want to. All this fuss over taking the bus by myself for the first time has me realizing that I am so lucky. I grew up with my parents driving me everywhere and I never had to walk or take the bus to school.

I am grateful.

And I am learning! Because I almost got on the bus going the wrong direction this afternoon. That would have been bad. Note to self: don't get on the bus going the same direction as the one you got off of earlier that morning...

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