Friday, January 20, 2012

Lessons in Public Relations, Week Two

Day Three: January 16, 2012

When the boss is away...

1. Everyone's a lot calmer.

And they don't dress up as much.

2. But still no one dares touch the AC setting.

Because in our office, A gets super annoyed if it's above 50 degrees in there.
Exaggerating, of course, but still.
So. Cold.

3. People actually take lunch breaks.


Day Four: January 18, 2012

4. It's okay to make the intern wait for you in the morning.

You know, when you're fifteen minutes late and the intern's known to show up ten/fifteen minutes early cause she hasn't gotten the hang of the bus schedule yet?

S'all good. Just an intern.

5. Always title, date, and add location to press releases.


Day Five: January 20, 2012

7. Title media lists by topic, not client.

Because we may need that media list again for a different client and we need to be able to find it easily.

8. Create individual media lists for each topic AND media type.

As in, one for print, one for Internet. This is also useful.

9. Structure media lists and RSVP lists so that emails are easy to highlight and mass send things to.

Ended in a preposition, I know. But everyone keeps getting in trouble over this from A, so just thought it'd be a good thing to remember.

10. On Cision {what we use to make media lists} and on the subsequent media list, don't have several contacts from the same company.

If you see several contact names from the same company, choose the 'Editor' first, then 'Managing Editor' or 'Associate Editor' if there is no 'Editor'. All but one contact should be deleted.

11. It doesn't matter too much that you're dressed business casual which is appropriate for the office. Because no one's going to see it anyway to approve.

It's so cold in there, you keep your jacket on at all times. This doesn't apply/isn't helpful to/for all PR firms, obviously, but it does apply to ours.

I think it has something to do with the fact that A's from the East Coast and the rest of us are Californians. Something's definitely wrong when INSIDE the office is colder than OUTSIDE the building in the middle of winter.

12. Don't go to bed at 4am the night before you have to wake up at 7am for work.

Seems like a no-brainer, but I did just that Thursday night because Evelyn, Mickeyla, Steph, and I were having the most interesting talk over at their apartment and I didn't want to miss any of it by going back to my apartment and sleeping early.

I knew better, I just thought I could pull it off. Apparently, though, I'm not the high schooler I once was and can no longer get away with 3-4 hour nights. Sadness. Gettin' old.


{Written up and posted at 3:20pm Saturday}.

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