Tuesday, January 31, 2012

College is Pretty Routine

I've somewhat reached the conclusion that the life of a college student isn't always that interesting.

1. You're always studying.

I guess this isn't true if you're the party or slacker type, but as a general rule & especially here at UCLA, people actually study. I know, right? No way.

Basically after the first two weeks of the quarter/semester, a college student's life is completely taken over by Midterms, Papers, & Finals. Ten weeks isn't a lot of time to learn all the information that your four classes want you to remember.

2. You walk everywhere.

Great exercise if you're willing to powerwalk. But it's a little slow.

It takes about an average of fifteen to twenty minutes to get from the dorms to your classroom. Half an hour if you're going from De Neve to Public Affairs {Darn you, PubAff!}. Now that we're living in the apartments, add an extra five to seven minutes to those times. Now multiply the final time by two, since you have to walk back from class afterwards. If you've got more than one class at a time, you're more than likely powerwalking there as well. Add that to your total-walking-time.

As you can see, we end up spending about an hour, probably more, simply going to and from class everyday. That's kind of sad.

3. Chances are, we spend about 80% of our waking hours using some sort of technology.

Which could be okay, I guess, in and of itself... Maybe. But that means that our posture sucks, we aren't really socializing with other people, and really, how many times do you need to check facebook per day? I swear Emma checks it about fifty-four times a day. Minimum. Granted, she opens the tab, checks the first two stories, and then closes it again, which takes about ten seconds, but when you realize she's checking every three minutes, we might have a problem.

Our typing skills may be stellar, but our interpersonal ones, not so much.

4. We live from day to day.

As in, our focus is solely on the next day. Maaaaybe the one after that as well if there's something big due. But honestly, the only reason I know what's going on Thursday is because I have a midterm that day. Yesterday {Mon}, my focus was solely on the fact that I had PoliSci homework due today {Tues}. The day before that {Sun}, all I could think about was my Biography Speech {Mon}.

If all we look at is the immediate future, how're people expecting us to plan out the rest of our lives? I don't understand.

5. We're always in sleep debt.

Which means we're always a little out of it, a little grumpy, a little fuzzy. Add this to that first point about always studying and duuude, do you have a bad combination. *nods*


I guess my point is that there are going to be times when I just don't seem to exist. Know that if it were up to me, I'd be well-rested, caught up on my schoolwork, prepared for all exams and papers, and putting together/attending social events, all with the added bonus of having time to type out my thoughts. But since none of those are true all at the same time during the quarter, that's the way it goes.

Some days, I just don't have anything to talk about. Because all I did was go to class and do homework.
If you'd like a copy of my lecture notes, I could do that for you. *grins*

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