Sunday, December 4, 2011

You Know It's Finals Week When... : Part 2

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{Reminder to Self}
You know it's Finals Week when...

... our apartment resorts to joint dinner at 11 pm because we all forgot to eat and don't want to fend for ourselves. Smorgasbord, anyone?

... that joint dinner included Dino Nuggets.

... neither of the roommates went out this entire weekend. Big deal, people, big deal.

... the only sound you hear the entire week is the clickety-clack of fingers on keyboards. Considering we live across the street from several frat houses, that's impressive.

... I don't see Steph or anyone else from Apt 213 for an entire week. Whoa now.

... everyone's a little grumpy from the stress. Although a little less panicked because we've done this... six times now? {3 quarters per year, times 2} I'm not sure if I prefer grumpy or panicked...

... everyone's eyes are bloodshot because they've been staring at a computer screen or textbook too long. It kind of looks like everyone's hungover. But they're not. Except maybe from caffeine. And all-nighters.

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