Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Feeling of Accomplishment. Or Maybe Just Apathy.

I. Am. DONE.


It hasn't fully sunk in yet, so pardon my slight lack of excitement. I think I'm just mentally fatigued. Weirdly enough, I'm not tired {physically, emotionally, or otherwise} or exhausted, just a tad brainless. Like... It's this weird feeling of nothingness because my brain doesn't have to think for the first time in a week.

It's been non-stop over here for the longest time. Monday, I had a Psychology Research Methods paper due, so I worked on that over the weekend. As soon as I turned that in at 1:30pm, it was time to study for my Communications Theory final. I've been spoiled. Most psych finals/tests are multiple choice, which I love, and MC tests use different studying techniques than writing tests, which was an element of the Comm final. I'm so out of practice studying to write as opposed to studying to recognize. Comm final from 3-6pm Tuesday {it kicked my butt. sadness}, walk back to Apt 213, enjoy a lovely dinner made with love by friends who love me/love to feed people all the time, time to study for Abnormal Psych. Study until time for shower and bed. Wake up, study some more before walking to class with Shellie, take Abnormal Psych final from 9-9:50am. Finish, walk back up to Apt 213 {seriously. I'm their 5th aptmate, hands down}, study with Evelyn for Social Psych. Finish reading over notes a half an hour before we need to walk onto campus, so watch the last half of Glee with Steph {crazy girl finished yesterday. so she went adventuring when we left for our final. sigh}. Take Social Psych final from 3-3:50pm. Done. These last three days...

I'm so thankful that God was watching over me when I planned this quarter out during the summer. Because I don't usually pay any attention to final scheduling when picking classes, yet this quarter worked out so well. It was non-stop and no down time, yes, but there was just enough time between finals that I had time to study for each and didn't have to divide my attention between two topics because they were onerightafteranother. Maybe it's because I've done this several times now, or maybe it's because I've learned how to handle the pressure/stress/panic, or maybe it's because I've got people in all my classes that I can study with, but this quarter's finals week really wasn't that bad. Course, Social Psych would tell me that memory is a construct, thus I only say that it wasn't that bad because I am not done and do not feel the pressure that I felt when I was in that situation. I'm dismissive of the pains that self experienced. Blahdeeblahdeeblah. Et cetera. I could continue, but I'm pretty sure I'm rambling. And that there are several grammatical errors in this post. *laughs* Oh well.

But yes. Done. *head falls back onto back of the couch* I'm done. Thank goodness.

Fall 2011 finals. Check.

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